On this page the music productions of the HARAYZO-Project are presented.


The HARAYZO-CD "IN THE BEGINNING" is available Spotify und iTunes, additionally on further major music platforms !!!


Within the last 5 years several HARAYZO-publications have been added, either on YouTube (>50) or on major music platforms. My compositions explore serveral different genres and are sung in English or in my mother tongue.

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Below you find a brief description of my first CD in the context of the HARAYZO-Project:  "IN THE BEGINNING".




This CD comprises 14 songs in English language. Artists who helped me to accomplish this production with extraordinary talents were: Seán (acoustic guitar), Norbert (lead guitar), Sherita, Joël (vocals), Matthew (vocals, keyboard) und Peter (saxophon). Recording took place in the BasementLoft Studios in Frankfurt, Germany, an excellent studio, which I prefer up to today.


Should you be interested in buying a tangible CD "In The Beginning", pls. send me a quick Email.