HARAYZO-news (22/03/24):

I have published a lot of songs on YouTube in the last months: "Influencer", "Follower (Part 1)", Bleib doch noch", "Liebe ist", "Schon wieder alles satt" und "Wie soll das enden", some using MRI- elements, which several listeners seem to like. Recently I have published a few songs from my first CD on YouTube: "Lovers for a lifetime", "Take me to your sweet paradise" and "Making me a lucky boy".


HARAYZO-news (18/05/30):

I have published three brand-new Singles on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and further major music platforms:

"Eiskalte Hitze"

"Liebe ist"

"Liebst du mich"

I have sung all of them in my mother tongue, i.e. German language. My friend Aaron Hoffman has contributed to these songs with fantastic guitar soli and as usually the songs have been mixed and produced at the BasementLoft Studios of Matthew Tasa in Frankfurt, Germany.


HARAYZO-info (18/04/13):

Publishing music videos on YouTube still is great fun for me and I will continue to do so. I have managed to have more than 20 videos online, all of them own compositions and video cuts.

More videos to come, pls. subscribe to my HARAYZO channel. Have fun !



The new HARAYZO-album "THE HEAT IS RISING" is produced, again comprising 14 own songs and first time ever with drums. For this reason a release-concert will take place:



The HARAYZO-album "IN THE BEGINNING" now is available on Spotify, iTunes and other major music platforms !!! Please stream or download fourteen catchy songs.

HARAYZO auf YouTube - please click here !!!


Exhibition at A & B Digital Reprografie GmbH, Rotlintstra├če 20, Frankfurt-Nordend, Germany


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