About us


HARAYZO as a trademark registered in Germany stands for a music projekt of the artist and musician Harald Herth, who lives in Frankfurt, Germany



Harald started this initiative roundabout three years ago. At this time he had already recorded a lot of own compositions in a raw format. Within one year he searched for excellent musicians in and around Frankfurt and was lucky to find them helping him to perform his own songs and produce an own CD. End of 2014 the CD was facilitated comprising 14 own songs. HARAYZO furthermore strives to promote music out of Frankfurt and the Rhein-Main region. Fun and passion of all participating musicians is of utmost importance for Harald, commercial aspects are not too relevant. but success will not be rejected, when coming true.

Artists participating in the project:

Harald ("Harry"): Songwriting / Composer and Executive Producer
Matthew: Vocals, Piano, Organ and Co-Executive Producer
She: Vocals
Joël: Vocals
Norbert: Electric Guitar
Seán: Accoustic Guitar
Peter: Sax(ophone)



Besides music Harald has created several photo-collages, based upon own photos he took in the pst from worldwide locations.

Most of the collages show scenes from his hometown Frankfurt, but all of them contain elements from worldwide. The result is a surreal picture, combining familiar and surreal impressions. Furthermore, a specific tension lies in mixing up sun and fog, winter and summer.

A school in Frankfurt liases with a factory building in Hawaii, a street in Frankfurt opens up for a huge wave of the pacific ocean, a mall in Buston is in symbiosis with a spectacular and colorful dusk in Frankfurt.

„Drehorte“ waren hierbei vor allem seine Heimatstadt Frankfurt, insbesondere der Stadtteil Bornheim, New York, Maui auf Hawaii, Boston, Teneriffa u.v.m.